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The heart wants what It wants

My heart, my heart my heart
My heart's hooked on him I love him
I want 'em I want to be close to 'em
The heart wants what It wants

I loved him so much
In my eyes I wrapped him up
Inside my soul l him
The heart wants what It wants

The proof that I love him , look at me
He's on my mind all the time
Living in my heart , captivating my imagination
The heart wants what It wants

My life
My thoughts are for him
Cause I loved him for who he Is
My heart becomes at rest when I see him
The heart wants what It wants

I'm the only one who filled your whole universe
I adore him and live in his eyes
I can never imagine my world without him even for a minute
The heart wants what It wants

Submitted by MUSTAFA MAHMOOD on Mon, 26/09/2016 - 03:50
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قلبي قلبي قلبي
قلبي تعلق به احبه احبه
ابيه ابي قربه
القلب وما يهوي

حبيته واغليته
وبعيني حطيته
وبروحي خبيته
القلب وما يهوي

الدليل اني احبه شوفي حالي
مايفارق لحظه بالي
ساكن بقلبي ومتملك خيالي
القلب وما يهوي

عمري وروحي
وتفكيري حلاله
لأني حبيته لحاله
القى راحت قلبي في لحضه وصاله
القلب وما يهوي

انا بس الي بملي كل كونه
واعشقه واسكن عيونه
ماتخيل عالمي لحضه بدونه
القلب وما يهوي


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